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Points policy

Points policy

Joining NDC and using it is Free in its first stage. However, NDC activity is based on points. These points are called Coins.

Personal  Treasure Chest

The coins are gathered in a personal Treasure Chest (A virtual bank of points) each doctor receives when subscribing to our platform. Doctors will receive 2000 starting points that will allow them to present cases and/or give diagnostic assumptions in cases. You cannot waste more that you have in your personal treasure chest, but you can earn it.

Collective  Treasure Chest

Each case on the case board has a Collective Treasure Chest- A virtual bank of points that defines the prize value of diagnosing the case. It starts at 1000 coins, and grows along the diagnostic odyssey.

How Do I use my points?

Step 1: Captain's word- Presenting Child's Case or helping other doctors reach a diagnosis

The cost of presenting a case for the presenting doctor is 1000 virtual coins. As a crewmember, you do not have to use your coins, joining a case is "free".

Step 2: Aid to Navigation- Q&A

Ask away, it's free!

Step 3: All Docs on deck- Giving/Receiving Diagnostic Assumptions

Giving a diagnostic assumption costs the suggesting doctor 100 virtual coins. All assumption payments are added to the Collective Treasure Case.

Step 4: Anchor watch- Verifying the Diagnosis

Connecting with an expert medical center will be free, it is a unique service NDC will grant its physician members.

Step 5: Ashore: NOSTOS- Publishing the right diagnosis

The first crewmember who gave the right diagnosis, wins the treasure- the total amount of coins gathered in the Collective Treasure Chest!

In an unsolved case, the prize total in the Collective Treasure Chest divides between all crewmembers who were the first to give each diagnostic assumption.

How do I win points?

  • Being the first physician to give the right diagnosis for a case, you win all the treasure banked in the case's Collective Treasure Chest.
  • The prize total in the Collective Treasure Chest divides between all crewmembers who were the first to give each diagnostic assumption.
  • BONUS coins- NDC rewards with extra coins the doctors who:
  • Present cases well (detailed and enriched with data).
  • Ask smart questions
  • Helpfully collaborate in multiple cases

These points are automatically added to your personal treasure chest when preforming these actions.

Your case can also get promoted on the site- Writing a well presented case earns BONUS coins to your case's Collective Treasure Chest! This encourages more doctors to diagnose your patient and win the total prize.

The coins are non-transferable between physicians in NDC. You must earn them yourself.

For any other questions regarding points policy, feel free to contact us!