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NDC Treaty

Navigation rules – Rules of the road

When heading out for a mission, a good team needs some ground rules and mutual values to make it work. Consider this a treaty between NDC crewmembers

  • Respect patient confidentiality. The presenting doctor must keep all patients identifying details completely confidential. You will use a nickname when presenting your patient, and erase any mentioning of the patients name/face before uploading documents (tests, pictures).
  • Stay Active. A true NDC crewmember isn't off guard. He helps different cases on the case board by asking questions, giving diagnostic assumptions, and following cases in which he participated in.
  • You are a team player. Whether you’re the captain or the crewmember, cooperation is the key to success. A presenting doctor is also required to answer the questions of his peers interested in helping him.
  • Be inquisitive. Ask smart questions. Even if you are not familiar with a similar case, you can always learn something new. More importantly, your questions can yield valuable answers that trigger a crewmember with the right diagnosis.
  • Be Clever. It's not about spamming the case board to score extra points. Members who are efficiently active, give rich case presentations, and good diagnostic assumptions, get promoted and win the JACKPOT!
  • Never Back Down. If you are presenting a case, and it's taking you a while to move forward, don’t give up. Stick to your mission and the right physician crewmember will eventually see the case, recognize it and help you diagnose it.
  • You CARE. Never forget the reason why you joined NDC in the first place- you want to help your patients because you care about them!

Signed by Dr. Andycseus