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Register and receive a Treasure Chest- Subscribe now for FREE! Before starting your diagnostic odyssey, all doctors in our community must be confirmed by our registration system as licensed physicians in their country of origin.  

Points policy: When registered, you will receive a personal Treasure Chest filled with 2000 coins. You can use them to present cases, promote them, and give diagnostic assumptions. You can also win points by giving right diagnostic assumptions, participating in cases, and giving high-quality case presentations.

Step 1: Present your child patient's case or help other doctors reach a diagnosis

 If you are a presenting doctor (The Doctors who present their patients cases on the Case Board), we believe that the accuracy of the diagnosis your patient gets lies in the quality of your question. Describe your patient's case on the Case Board with as many details possible. Enrich the presentation with data, pictures, laboratory tests, images, family tree and so on, while keeping the child identifying details anonymous under a nickname. The full picture can make it easier for another doctor in the community to solve the case.
If you want to help doctors diagnose a patient, you are called a crewmember (The doctors who choose to discuss cases on the Case Board, give diagnostic assumptions). Just go to the case board and hop on board of any doctor's diagnostic odyssey. You can also get an invitation for new cases based on your special interest field.

Points policy:  The cost of presenting a case for the presenting doctor - 1000 virtual coins.
This will be starting sum in the case's Collective Treasure Chest- A virtual bank of points for each case. It defines the prize value of diagnosing the case.
As a crewmember, you don't have to use your coins, joining a case is "free".

Step 2: Q&A

This is the part where the doctors deliberate on the case, hold a primary discussion. NDC Physician crewmembers are welcome to ask any questions necessary in the case board in order to get a better understanding of the case. The presenting doctor is required to answer the questions of his peers. This information will provide an even more solid base for a diagnostic assumption, and bring the doctors closer to identifying the right diagnosis.

Points policy:  Ask away, it's free!

Step 3: Give/Receive Diagnostic Assumptions

In this stage, doctors will be able to give the presenting doctor an explained suggestion for a diagnosis, in a private message. Don't hesitate if you have an idea- Only the first doctor to offer the correct diagnostic assumption would be eligible to win the final prize- all the fortune gathered in the Collective Treasure Chest. The presenting doctor chooses the most based diagnostic assumptions, and NDC refers them to the closest expert medical center to confirm the diagnosis.

*In case the first assumptions round doesn't have a clear result, there will be an Onboard Discussion (Q&A) to help reach a final diagnosis.

Points policy:  Giving a diagnostic assumption costs the suggesting doctor 100 virtual coins. All assumption payments are added to the Collective Treasure Case.

Step 4: Verify the Diagnosis

NDC is developing connections with expert facilities all around the world. In the near future NDC will help the presenting doctor to connect with the nearest expert facility that can confirm the diagnostic assumption.

Points policy: Connecting with an expert medical center will be free, it is a unique service NDC will grant its physician members.

Step 5: Publish the right diagnosis

The presenting doctor will have to publish the accurate diagnosis of the child in the end of the diagnostic odyssey.
Congrats Doc! You have diagnosed your patient and brought him to his new Home. The right high-level medical center that may treat your patient's now known illness.
Didn't get the right diagnosis in NDC? Share your disappointment with us! It is important for us to improve our crowdsourcing.

Points policy: The first crewmember who gave the right diagnosis, wins the treasure- the total amount of coins gathered in the Collective Treasure Chest!
In an unsolved case, the prize total in the Collective Treasure Chest divides between all crewmembers who were the first to give each diagnostic assumption.

* At any given point, NDC administration is allowed to reward doctors with BONUS coins. Doctors who present cases well, ask smart questions, and helpfully collaborate in multiple cases, earn extra credit from NDC by getting extra coins to their personal Treasure Chest! 

Well-presented cases also get PROMOTED by adding bonus coins to the collective treasure chest, encouraging more doctors to diagnose your patient and win the total prize!