Doctor, are you having trouble accurately diagnosing a sick child for a long time? Then you have come to the right place. We offer a shorter and faster route to getting the right diagnosis in difficult cases of children. NDC crewmembers are doctors teaming up to help you shorten the diagnostic odyssey for your patient. We want doctors like you on board. Want to hear more about it? Leave your details below.

Doctor, Here's How you will
diagnose your patient

NDC provides a doctor collaborative approach for solving complex children's medical cases online. Our doctors consult & think together in a unique way in order to reach a diagnosis. Want to get help with diagnosing your patient too? No problem, just write your info below and you could start soon. 

Your patient's Diagnostic odyssey ends in 5 steps:


You can be the presenting doctor of an undiagnosed child's case, or be part of the physician team helping to diagnose it out. allows doctors to:

  • present children's cases with unusual symptoms
  • discuss the case with other physicians
  • receive or give diagnostic assumptions
  • And even check the best diagnostic assumptions in an expert medical center

Sounds good? Let us know by filling your details below and we can tell you more about it.


What is NDC

Neglected Diseases Collaboration (NDC) is an international crowdsourcing network of doctors helping each other diagnose their patients correctly, quickly and efficiently. When are you going to end your patient's diagnostic odyssey? Just fill in the details and your patient can be next.

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